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New premises for Wellcore


We are proud to annouce that the construction of our new industrial office building in Atlanits has been completed and we are in the final process of moving.

Our new building includes the following: 

  • 350 sq meter office space complete with computer network, design office, sales office, counter sales, reception, etc.

  • 100sq meter fenced storage facility with heavy duty racking and shelving suppling counter sales, workshop counter, including all site requirements. 

  • 600 sq meter fully fitted workshop for all engineering/manufacturing and pump repairs, including all site requirments.

  • 1700 sq meter yard storage area for all related pumping equipment, etc 



Kuyasa Pumpstation, Khayelitsha.

    Two stage well point dewatering system.  Approximately 800 well points connected to 10 x 6" diesel pump sets.  Volume of water pumped was 3 500 m3/hour.  Period of contract 6 months.  Total drawdown 8.5 meters.    

Dewatering Vodacom Phase 2

    Well point dewatering and open pumping.  Dewatering lines were fitted in stages on the inside of the lateral support and lowered as excavation proceeds.  A combination of well point dewatering and open pumping were utilised.  Total excavation dept was 16 meters below natural ground.  Contract period 5 months.  Temporary sump pumps were used once sumps were constructed at final level until permanent pumps were fitted.      

Dewatering: Melkbos Hotel

    Wellpoint dewatering on outside of excavaion.  Intermediate lime stone layer at 4.5m with well points installed at 7 meters.  Water removed at 160m3/hour - 24 Hours.    

Dewatering: Caltex Forecourts

    Wellpoint dewatering for Chevron on refirbishment of various service stations i.r.t. fuel tank replacement.   

Dewatering: Estuaries Office Complex

    Wellpoint dewatering for office complex in Century city.  Wellpoints exceeding 350 were installed on rockbed at various depts ranging from 3 - 7 meters.  Period 10 months.    

Dewatering: Rialto Bay Building

    Wellpoint dewatering on perch water table with sump pumping on rockbed at 2.5 meters below sea level.   

Dewatering: St Helena Bay Sewer Pump Station 2

    Open pumping in lime stone layers.  Excavation at 5 meters below sea level.  Water boils at bottom of excavation.  Water removed at 700m3/hour.   

Dewatering: St Helena Bay Sewer Pump Station 1

    Wellpoint dewatering with 44 wellpoints including open pumping.  Total exavation 4.5 m below sea level.  Water removed at 700m3/hour - 24 Hours.       

Dewatering: Hyburg Park - Bulk Water Supply

    Wellpoint dewatering for 1.5m bulk water supply line.  Installation of 90 wellpoints.  Water removed at 500m3/hour - 24 Hours.   

Dewatering: Island View Building

    Wellpoint dewatering along one side of the site as to allow for the construction pile caps and lift shaft.  Installation of 60 wellpoints at 3.5m below sea level.  Water removed at 160m3/hour - 24 Hours.   

Domestic 1

    General well point pump stations supplying irrigation systems.  Neglected Pump.   

Domestic 2

    General domestic well point pump stations.  Water tanks with booster pumps and bore hole pump Installations.     

Visit in Abu Dhabi UAE


Virious dewatering sites visited in the UAE.