Domestic and Industrial Installations


Due to water restrictions in the Western Cape, South Africa, domestic, industrial, farming and government institutions have realised the benefit of utilising the water source in the low ground water table in the Western Cape.

These sectors are familiar with water restrictions, high water tariffs and the financial impact when utilising municipal water for irrigation purposes. Wellcore works closely with property owners, body corporates and government institutions to design and install well point pump stations to suit the requirements of the client.

Each well point pump station is custom designed with the correct pump selection, based on the water availability from the well points. Should low volumes be encountered, reservoir tanks are installed with booster pumps so as to meet the client’s watering requirements.

Domestic installations can be divided into the following stages:

Basic information gathering Stage

  • Area to be watered
  • Water source and quality
  • Pressure available / required
  • Available water capacity
  • Pump
  • Soil texture
  • Slope
  • Plants
  • Obstacles
  • Observations
  • General recommendations
  • Recommended hours of irrigations
  • Other, mixing water.

Design Stage

  • General layout and design
  • Well point installation and pump test
  • Pump test results
  • Irrigation
    • Determine system design capacity
    • Water pressure
    • Water volume
    • Select sprinklers
    • Divide system into sprinkler zones
    • Valves and pipe sizes
    • Sprinkler lines
    • Main line
    • Irrigation controller
  • Determine reservoir capacity 
  • Connecting to Municipal water supply
  • Connecting to a well point/booster pump
  • Review design
  • Material list
  • Compile cost estimation for the complete system
  • General conditions of proposal

Installation Stage

  • Install well points for domestic use
  • Building of pump house
  • Electrical Points
  • Installation of reservoir tanks
  • Pumps and switch gear
  • Install the complete irrigation system
  • Connecting to water supply
  • Back filling en clean-up
  • Test and commission system
  • Watering guidelines

Every drop counts!

The success of having an efficient and effective pump station and irrigation system is essential in preserving our natural resources and is not simply a noble thing to do, it is an essential part of our everyday lives.



Turf-ag and Hunter irrigation products used in all our installations

Click here for the Turf-ag website

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Cape Town needs groundwater
pdf document, 3,1mb
(A note on the potential of the Cape Flats Aquifer unit to supply groundwater for domestic borehole use in the Cape Town Metropolitan area.)
By L.G.A. Maclear, Geohydrology Directorate, Department of Water affairs and Forestry, Cape Town.
Technical Report No. Gh3868, August 1995

Mixing water
pdf document, 3,8mb
Chapter 4 - Mixing Water
From: 'Concrete Technology, A South African handbook'
By: F.S. Fulton

Guidelines for boreholes
pdf document, 20mb
Afrikaans article discussing boreholes

Preliminary Project Analysis Form - Residential / Domestic
xls document, 49kb
Please complete this form and fax to us when applying for domestic irrigation.

Plan grid for Residential / Domestic irrigation
xls document, 27kb
When applying for domestic irrigation, use this grid to draw layout of house / garden.