Three of the largest construction sectors in the Western Cape, South Africa are the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional market sectors. This sector is familiar with dealing with groundwater problems and the associated costs if not dealt with properly.

Wellcore works closely with consultants and contractors to design and schedule the proper dewatering program to suit the requirements of each project. Based on known soil conditions and our experience Wellcore will propose and execute a ground water control system at a fixed predetermined price.

Extensive planning must be done prior to installing any dewatering system as the characteristics of the site change drastically as construction progress is made and therefore, dewatering projects can be divided into the following phases:

Design Phase

  • Consulting engineers soil investigation report
  • Grain size analysis and permeability test results
  • Stratification and penetrability of the soil
  • Hydrology of the area
  • The topography
  • Space limitations of the site and surroundings structures
  • The method of excavation and shoring where needed
  • Construction schedule
  • Recommendations for preferable dewatering system

Tender Phase

  • Our understanding of your requirements
  • Establishment and de-establishment
  • Daily supervision and attendance
  • Dewatering system design method
    • Well point systems
    • Ejector well systems
    • Deep well systems
    • Vacuum wells
    • Vacuum/Sump/ pumping
    • Open/bypass pumping
    • Sub-soil/Horizontal draining and other
  • Propose the appropriate dewatering method which could include a combination of methods.
  • Pumps required
  • Moving of de-watering pipe lines, repairs and damages
  • Compile cost estimation for the required period of dewatering
  • General conditions of proposal

Construction Phase

  • Installation of dewatering plant
  • Draw down - Allow a minimum of 7 days pumping before excavation
  • Operate and maintain the dewatering plant on a 24 hour basis
  • Constant on going monitoring of the effectiveness of system
  • Provide immediate assistance and solutions to unexpected problems
  • Removal of dewatering plant on completion

Successful Dewatering

The actual cost of a successful dewatering system is far more cost effective than a project incorrectly managed with chaotic results.  The client can be assured of a successful installation by utilising Wellcore every time on time.

      Jetting Pump - 160m3 at 10 bar pressure


Preliminary Project Analysis Form - Dewatering
xls document, 51kb
Please complete this form and fax to us when applying for dewatering.

Dewatering with wellpoint-, eductor- and deep well systems
pdf document, 113kb
Details of the various well point systems available.